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Poodles are highly intelligent, energetic dogs
with good temperaments. Three size varieties -
standard, miniature, or toy - make the Poodle
a highly popular dog breed.
Please remember there are NO
weight restrictions on poodles only
height so really weight doesn't have
a lot to do with poodles.
Toys are 10 inches in height and
Miniatures are over 10 inches to 15
Standards are over 15 inches.  This
by breed standards for AKC.

Note Please:  A poodles height is
measured from the ground up to the
shoulder blades. (withers)
love the lord with all your heart.  
Poodles are sporty,loving, people
pleasing. teacup poodles for sale.
Psalm 37:4-----"Delight yourself in
the Lord; and He will give you the
desires of your heart."
Welcome to our website...........

We are a Husband and wife business in Eugene Oregon.  We specialize in Tea Cup Poodles,
Tiny Tea cup Poodles (Pocket Pups) And, Tiny Toy Poodles and, Toys.
Our dogs are AKC Registered and our little man teacup poodle is DNA Certified.  
registration is provided with all puppies. (unless other wise stated.) All Standard pups are limilted
akc registration unless other wise stated.  We provide our babies with a lot of love and attention
before leaving to their new homes.
Take a look at our beautiful parents and their pedigree and also the nursery for our new arrivals.
 Hope you enjoy our site- We will be adding new additions later.
We can refer you to reputable poodle breeders  Please no puppy mills or one's who want to mix
breed.  We want our precious one's to go to loving homes that love the Pure bred breed only.
Thanks for stopping by.  
E-mail or call-- Matt 1-541-606-3181 Or Jamie
The energy levels of Poodles requires
basic daily exercise at minimum. This,
along with a healthy diet and routine
veterinary care will help keep your
Poodle healthy for many years.
Poodles are sometimes considered to
have a life span longer than the
average dog.
Extra tiny T-cup Poodles weigh between 1-2 1/2
lbs and are 8' or under.
T-cups weigh 2-3 1/2 lbs and are 8' or under.
Tiny Toys weigh 4-6 lbs and are 8-9' grown.
Toy Poodles weigh 6-8 lbs and are 10' & under
Reputable United States Breeder of quality Poodles in Eugene Oregon. Specializing in
Teacup Poodles, Tiny Teacup Poodles, Micro Poodles also known as Pocket Poodles.  
The Teacup Poodles have been bred down to be teacups, they are not runts that are
born from the litter. Velvet touch, Sharmin's, Little rebel lines.
We are registered with the American Kennel Club ( A.K.C.).  Our poodles are in our home
and very much Loved.
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About Us
Please check out the Standard
poodle page for pictures of
parents and babies if looking for
something bigger.
mjheady.mjh@gmail.com------ email